Bug: CPTableView doesn't handle adding and removing columns #638

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CPTableView's addColumn: and removeColumn: do not work properly.

My fix for #637 (hiding table columns) can probably also be used to fix this. I've tried it but ran into some issues with the caching, someone with more experience should probably take a look at it.


So just a follow up on this too, I believe once issue #637 is fixed this one will also be fixed. I think they're suffering from the same bug.


Update: issue #637 is closed and this one I'll leave open because once columns are removed (which seems to work fine) if you reorder the columns by dragging them it breaks. I still believe the issue is related to #637 though.

A link to the commit that closed 637 for reference: http://github.com/280north/cappuccino/commit/1e490f17966dfaa60344c1b496d1068c27328d9d


Milestone: 1.0. Labels: #accepted, #needs-patch, #needs-reduction, AppKit, bug. What's next?

  • This issue needs a volunteer to write and submit code to address it.
  • A minimal test app should be created which demonstrates the concern of this issue in isolation.
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