jake debug should generate index-debug.html #658

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appden commented May 13, 2010

jake debug generates an app with a non-debug index.html, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of generating a debug build.


tolmasky commented May 13, 2010

We should just make index-debug.html a wrapper around index.html, perhaps with a full size iframe or something.


tlrobinson commented Apr 26, 2012

I'd probably use a URL fragment (index.html#debug) rather than query string (index.html?debug)


appden commented Apr 26, 2012

Disagree, that implies a location not a mode. The fragment can be changed without reloading and is often used for state saving too.

Toxe commented Apr 27, 2012

I vote for option 2, let jake create a release or debug index.html and add the option to enable debug mode via a query parameter, for example CAPP_DEBUG=1.

Enabling debug mode via query parameter could have the additional benefit that some day one might create different debug modes / levels, which you could simply enable via the debug query parameter.


tolmasky commented Apr 27, 2012

As both debugging and releasing become increasingly complex, I think we're going to find it really difficult to shove both diverging code bases into one unit that can simply be turned on or off with a query parameter. Debug will have all sorts of extra info, while release will be a highly compressed (possibly even containing everything in one file in the index.html?). I think the key is to build debug, which has its own index.html which you run, or build a separate release, which also has its own separate index.html.

Not to mention we've already run into issues in the past where people get angry at the size of the total "binary" (even the though some pieces are never loaded), such as trying to deploy on embedded devices where space is limited period. The goal of a release build should be to have it be totally clean: only include what is absolutely necessary to ship.


mrcarlberg commented Apr 27, 2012

I vote on #1 (Keep the current dichotomy between index.html and index-debug.html). I totally agree with Tolmasky on not to join debug and non debug code into one big chunk.
But if we go with #1 we need to use index-debug.html in the generated app if it is built with "jake debug" as Aparajita and more has said.

cappbot commented May 9, 2012

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aparajita commented Feb 16, 2013


cappbot commented Feb 16, 2013

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ahankinson commented May 7, 2014

I'm going to mark this one as closed. We've got index-debug.html being generated with capp gen now, so it fixes the original problem.


cappbot commented May 7, 2014

Milestone: 1.0. Labels: #fixed, feature. What's next? This issue is considered successfully resolved.

@cappbot cappbot closed this May 7, 2014

cappbot commented May 7, 2014

Milestone: 1.0. Labels: #fixed, feature. What's next? This issue is considered successfully resolved.

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