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Compilation problems on ubuntu #1405

merged 2 commits into from over 2 years ago

3 participants

Neer Friedman Antoine Mercadal James Dessart
Neer Friedman

This fixes two issues in compiling on linux (ubuntu):1. parameters to gcc should be joined with " "2. the -DENVIRONMENTS parameter needs OS.enquote otherwise the linux shell removes the quotes

Antoine Mercadal

what are the original issues this patch should fix in term of error messages?

Neer Friedman

The first one resolves "TypeError: framework is not a function, it is undefined." when compiling Objective-J
The second one resolves "Error: Could not load file at Foundation/Foundation.j" when compiling Aristo theme

Antoine Mercadal

I have no Ubuntu to try it out, but I tried both on Mac OS X with rhino and on Fedora, and it works as expected.
I let the builds to terminate to be sure and I'll merge it.

Antoine Mercadal primalmotion merged commit 47a5296 into from January 03, 2012
Antoine Mercadal primalmotion closed this January 03, 2012
Antoine Mercadal

Thanks. Any input from another Ubuntu user would be welcome.

James Dessart

I was able to build on Ubuntu 11.10 after these changes were made.

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  1. 4  Objective-J/Jakefile
4  Objective-J/Jakefile
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ function environmentFlags()
106 106
107 107
     return {
108 108
         return "-D" + anEnvironment.toUpperCase();
-    }).concat("-DENVIRONMENTS=" + JSON.stringify(environments));
+    }).concat("-DENVIRONMENTS=" + OS.enquote(JSON.stringify(environments)));
110 110
111 111
112 112
 var SHRINKSAFE = require("minify/shrinksafe");
@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ function gcc(inputFilePath, outputFilePath, flags, compress)
119 119
     stream.print("Building... \0green(" + outputFilePath +"\0)");
120 120
121 121
     // GCC preprocess the file.
-    var cmd = ["gcc", "-E", "-x", "c", "-P"].concat(flags, inputFilePath);
+    var cmd = ["gcc", "-E", "-x", "c", "-P"].concat(flags, inputFilePath).join(" ");
123 123
     var gcc = OS.popen(cmd, { charset:"UTF-8" });
124 124
125 125
     var contents ="header.txt", { charset : "UTF-8" });

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