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Cappuccino is an Application Framework designed for creating desktop class applications on the web. Cappuccino is written in Objective-J, a language extension to JavaScript that adds classical inheritance, script importing, and a bunch of other goodies without breaking backwards compatibility.

Getting Started

  • If you’re new to Objective-J and Cappuccino, you might want to start by downloading the Latest Stable Version and reading through a few of the tutorials and demos on the main site. All the demos are hosted on github as well.
  • There are a number of Tools you can download that can help you develop, debug, and deploy.
  • Cappuccino applications often are browser-based front-ends to a server system. To communicate with the server side scripts and databases, you will likely need some sort of client-server communications.
  • Check out a live demo and a newer live demo of widgets in cappuccino
  • Read the FAQ.
  • Read the Glossary if you come across terms you don’t recognize. And let us know if there’s a term missing!




List of available modules / frameworks for Cappuccino


Cookbook area for collecting patterns that are useful in writing cappuccino applications.


Tips for optimizing Cappuccino applications.

Code Snippets

Bits of useful code.


Changelist for each release