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  • AppKit – A set APIs for writing GUI applications in Cappuccino
  • Cib – A Cappuccino Interface Bundle. Essentially a serialized (or “freeze dried”) set of objects, often views, which can be loaded into a Cappuccino application. Cibs can be generated from the Cocoa equivalent, a Nib (or Xib), by using the nib2cib tool, or using the Atlas editor.
  • Foundation – A set of APIs for performing common tasks in Cappuccino, including collection and network classes. The “standard library” if you will.
  • Jake – a port of the Rake (or Make) build tool in JavaScript. Runs on Narwhal.
  • Narwhal – module system and standard library for JavaScript on the server. Used for Cappuccino’s build and command line tools
  • Objective-J – A strict superset of JavaScript and the language used in Cappuccino
  • nib2cib – command line tool for converting Interface Builder nibs into Cappuccino cibs.
  • objj – command line Objective-J interpreter, currently uses Narwhal.
  • objjc – command line compiler for Objective-J. Not usually invoked directly but rather through the other build tools like “Jake”.
  • Rake – Ruby build tool similar to Make build tool. The 0.7 build system was based on Rake, but has been replaced in 0.8 by an entirely JavaScript build system using “Jake”.
  • Tusk – The package manager (similar to apt-get, gem, etc) included with Narwhal. This is the primary distribution mechanism for Cappuccino and Objective-J, and can also be used to easily distribute your 3rd party Objective-J frameworks. The typical usage is “tusk install package-name”.
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