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Feel free to add your own frameworks to this list. Before, have a look at how others have done so, it should be a single item, with a link to the project’s source code, and a short description (one line after formatting has been applied).

If you see a module without a description, feel free to edit the page and add it in, any contributions are appreciated.


  • cappuccino-couchdb — A class for working with CouchDB documents from Cappuccino/Objective-J
  • CappuccinoResource — Framework for integrating your Cappuccino app with Ruby on Rails
  • CoreData – Cappuccino — A CoreData layer for Cappuccino with XCode support
  • CP2JavaWS — Cappuccino/Java remote services bridge with a GWT like syntax
  • facebookkit — Objective-J Facebook Connect Framework
  • RLOfflineDataStore — A small wrapper around HTML5 localstorage and sqlstorage
  • SparkesSPARQL for Cappuccino
  • Thrift / Cappuccino — Thrift bindings for Cappuccino
  • VNCCappuccinoVNC, for Cappuccino
  • RestfulCappucino — Access RoR RESTful web services, CRUD operations can be Sync or Async
  • CPActiveRecord
  • Cappusance — textual application builder with ORM in the spirit of EOF with caching, lazy loading, backend independence
  • Ratatosk — a Cappuccino remote object proxy for RESTful APIs with caching, lazy loading, backend independence
  • Cryson — java persistence for Cappuccino. Lazy loading, transactions, bindings.



  • MapKit — Use google maps in your Cappuccino application
  • MapKit — Another MapKit framework with OS 10.9 features and API.
  • CappuGeo — CoreLocation and MapKit for Cappuccino

Testing Frameworks

Realtime / Async Modules

IDE Extensions And Development


  • BeanCounter — Metrics suite for Cappuccino projects.
  • Blender — A utility to generate Cappuccino theme files from a CSS file
  • Cappuccino-Extensions — A collection of extensions for the Cappuccino Application Framework.
  • Cappuccino XML2JSON — An Objective-J class for converting XML to a CPDictionary or JS Object.
  • CKKit — Misc utilities
  • CPWindow Animations — Beautiful customizable open and close animations for CPWindow.
  • DCPathControl — Hierarchical view of a path, similar to NSPathControl
  • EKShakeAnimation — Shake animations, e.g. for unsuccessful log ins.
  • FastStartLogin — Simulate faster load time by letting the user login while Cappuccino is downloading
  • mixpanel-cappuccino — A Cappuccino wrapper around MixPanel’s Javascript API
  • Raphuccino — Wrapper for the RaphaelJS vector graphics library
  • SCAuth — Framework for handling authentication on the frontend of your Cappuccino application
  • Digest Authentication Example