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capp is a simple project creation tool for Cappuccino applications. When creating applications, you can choose from a number of pre defined templates described in more detail below. Objective-J and Cappuccino applications don’t need to be built in any way to work, but a Rakefile is provided to allow you to create compiled and optimized versions of your application. Usage:


capp [—version] COMMAND [ARGS]

Following are specific commands:

gen PATH [options]

This will create a new Cappuccino project at PATH


  • -l By default, a set of the latest Cappuccino frameworks are installed with your project. Specifying the -l flag will instead create a set of symbolic links to your own built frameworks from source (ie. your $CAPP_BUILD or $STEAM_BUILD directory).
  • -t, —template Specify what project template to use. By default the Application template is chosen. Currently the following templates exist:
    • Application – An empty application with an application controller class.
    • ThemeDescriptor – A special project for creating custom Cappuccino themes.
    • NibApplication – An empty application much like that one created in Application, but with the UI in .xib that can be converted to a cib with nib2cib
  • -f, —frameworks Just create the frameworks folder and don’t continue to making an actual project. You can use this with the -l flag to just create a set of symbolic links to the built frameworks from source.
  • —force Overwrite Frameworks directory if it already exists
  • —symlink Create a symlink to the source Frameworks
  • —build Source the Frameworks directory files from your $CAPP_BUILD or $STEAM_BUILD directory

config name value

This will configure capp with your information.


  • —get name Shows the value of a key
  • -l, —list Lists all the current keys

Possible keys

  • (such as “280 North, Inc.”)
  • organization.url (such as “”)
  • (such as “feedb…”)
  • organization.identifier this is the reverse domain identifier


capp config "Francisco Tolmasky"
Now all my new projects will say “Created by Francisco Tolmasky”.

capp config organization.identifier "com.280n"
So if I create the project “MyGreatApp”, its identifier becomes “com.280n.MyGreatApp”.