Getting and building the source

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To check out the latest (master) version from GitHub:

$ git clone git://

or download the zipball of the most recent source code: (zip)

Cappuccino requires a 'bootstrapping' process, using tools to build the Framework itself. These tools are available in the Cappuccino Base repository, but there is no need to check this out directly. Instead, the script will download and install all the necessary components to build the Framework.

To run the bootstrap process:

$ cd [cappuccino source directory]
$ ./

You may be prompted to change or add some environment variables in your shell profile. Note for Linux users: The narwhal-jsc compiler is not yet compatible with Linux, so you will need to run with the rhino compiler.

Then, simply type jake (the JavaScript equivalent to make) from within the root of the Cappuccino directory. If you get an error like jake: command not found, you forgot to run the bootstrap script as described above.

Jake will build a "release" copy of the frameworks. Typing jake debug will build a debug version.

jake install will build Cappuccino and associated tools and install them for general use.

Once built, you will be able to create new Cappuccino projects with the capp command.

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