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objj is a command-line interpreter and interactive console for Objective-J. It currently runs on Rhino on top of Narwhal which will facilitate eventually moving to a faster interpreter.


objj [script.j]

Using Frameworks with objj

By default objj imports it’s frameworks from the installed ones located at $OBJJ_HOME/lib/Frameworks. This can be inconvenient if you are editing the Cappuccino frameworks themselves, or have another frameworks you wish to load. The “OBJJ_INCLUDE_PATHS” environment variable helps in these cases.

Simply set OBJJ_INCLUDE_PATHS to a colon delimited list of locations to search for frameworks. For example, in .bash_profile or similar config file, add the following:

export OBJJ_INCLUDE_PATHS="$HOME/MyFrameworks"

Making an Objective-J script executable

If you wish to make an Objective-J script executable without using the “objj” tool, simply add a “shebang” line like the following:

#!/usr/bin/env objj

and make the script executable using chmod:

chmod +x scriptname
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