Projects to Work On

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There’s plenty of work left to be done on Cappuccino. We’ll try to keep this list of projects up to date. This is a great starting off point if you’re looking to get involved with the project.

Fixing bugs

There are always bugs to be fixed and features to be implemented, some large, some small. Fixing even the smallest bug is enormously helpful! To find bug reports and feature requests that have been accepted and are waiting for a patch, do this search:


Before you write any code, please read the contributing guidelines, which describe how you should go about submitting changes, as well as the coding style that we adhere to (rather strictly).

Writing test apps (reductions)

We have lots of bug reports and pull requests that need reductions — minimal test apps that reduce the problem to the minimum amount of code. This helps us to validate the report. Writing reductions is another small thing you can do that helps the project enormously.

To find issues that need reductions, do this search:


Once you write a reduction app, put it somewhere like DropBox and give us a link to it in the issue comments.

Becoming a reviewer

Reviewers play a key role in improving Cappuccino. When new issues are reported, they are responsible for triaging the issue: tagging it with appropriate labels to identify its type, status, etc. In addition, reviewers help us to verify that a bug report is accurate and if necessary solicit more information from the bug reporter.

If you would like to become a reviewer, let us know on the Objective-J mailing list.


The documentation system is based on doxygen, and needs a lot of work right now. If you are interested in working on this project, contact aparajita AT

Tutorials and Screencasts

We can always use more of these! Even a simple, focused tutorial is useful. We will either link to it on our site or if it’s awesome enough, we’ll integrate with the Cappuccino web site.

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