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WARNING: steam is deprecated in 0.7 and up. Functionality has been replaced with jake and capp


Steam is a simple project manager for Cappuccino applications. It provides you with the ability to create new Cappuccino projects and later “build” them into more optimized formats. Objective-J and Cappuccino applications don’t need to use steam or any other build tools at any point, but you may want to try them out to give your applications some extra optimizations. For more information, make sure to check out Tom’s blog post.


steam create project_name [-l]

This will create a new Cappuccino project named project_name

  • project_name is the name of the project or the full path to where you’d like it to be placed.
  • By default, a set of the latest Cappuccino frameworks are installed with your project. If you want to use the latest and greatest frameworks built from source however, you can use -l flag, which will link the project against your own built frameworks.

steam build [-f project_file] [-t target] [-c configuration]

If you have a steam project file installed, this command will build the target, under the appropriate configuration.

  • project_file specifies the steam project file to use. If this argument is not specified, steam will use the first steam project file it finds in the current directory.
  • target specifies which target to build. If no target is listed, steam will use the first target it finds in the steam project file.
  • configuration specifies which configuration to use when building. If no configuration is listed, steam will use the first configuration it finds in the steam project file.