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A simple VuePress template with a one click installation button and a nice theme.
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Hello VuePress →
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One-click Deploy
Use the ”Deploy to Netlify“ button below to create a new VuePress installation with one simple click. Get my wonderful VuePress theme for free.
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You need a Github and a Netlify account. Otherwise the Deploy Button doesn't work.
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The “Deploy to Netlify” button helps users deploy new sites from templates with one single click on Netlify.

VuePress Deploy

This is a Starter template for a VuePress with a Progressive Web App (PWA) out of the box.
And it integrates the NetlifyCMS with VuePress.

One-click Deploy

Deploy to Netlify

Local Development

To try it out locally, clone this repo and generate a static site.

git clone
cd vuepress-deploy
npm install
npm run build or npm run dev to start a local server

For more information, see VuePress Docs

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