Enable node to use system wide certificate authorities in conjunction with bundled root CAs
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Enable node to use custom certificate authorities in conjunction with the bundled root CAs.

Up until version 7, node did not support system-wide installed trusted certificate authorities. It was only possible to specify a custom CA via the ca option in the tls and https modules, or fallback to using the bundled list of root CAs that node is compiled with.

Starting with node 7, it's possible to set the NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS environment variable to a single file containing additional root CA to trust, however it still does not allow programatic addition of several directories and files containing root CAs.

This module enables loading custom CAs to be used in conjunction with the node bundled root CAs. syswide-cas will auto load root CAs from the file /etc/ssl/ca-node.pem if it exists.


npm install --save syswide-cas


Add require('syswide-cas') as soon as possible as it affects all later TLS calls.

// "require('syswide-cas')" immediatley loads CAs from the file /etc/ssl/ca-node.pem if it exists
const syswidecas = require('syswide-cas');

// optionally load all files from a custom directory

// or multiple directories
syswidecas.addCAs(['/my/custom/path/to/certs/dir1', '/my/other/path/to/certs/dir2']);

// optionally load a file directly

// or multiple files
syswidecas.addCAs(['/my/custom/path/to/cert1.pem', '/my/other/path/to/cert2.pem']);

const https = require('https');


Copyright 2016 Capriza. Code released under the MIT license