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Repo for CapRover One Click Apps


  • Find/create a docker-compose file for the one click app
  • Convert yaml file to json
  • Copy the content into the one click ap structure. See this for the reference: wordpress.json
  • Variables are prefixed with $$cap
  • There is one special variable called $$cap_appname which exists for all oneclick apps
  • Varibles can be anywhere in the JSON and they will be replaced by what user enters
  • Each variable must have id, label. It may also have defaultValue, validRegex, description.
  • Other than image, environment, ports, volumes, depends_on, other parameters are ignored. Make sure they are not important.
  • Instead of image in a service, you can use dockerfileLines which is an array of strings.
  • Some webapps, use a non-standard HTTP port. For example, Adminer's Docker image uses port 8080. In this case, add containerHttpPort to the service. See adminer.json for example.

Test your One Click Apps

After creating your One-Click app json, like this, you need to test it before creating a Pull Request. Here is how you test it:

  • Login to your CapRover dashboard
  • Go to apps and click on Create One Click App
  • Select the last option from the dropdown list "TEMPLATE"
  • Copy and paste your JSON there, and click NEXT.
  • Enter values and make sure it's working as expected.