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moved cache header handling into Server and out of FileServer; replac…

…ed StreamResponse (which is now dangerous because it leaves streams hanging if sendBody is never called) with BlobResponse; added new Link class for encapsulating URLs at a high-level and changed View to detect and render them via a URL factory; added new Dispatcher which scans a directory for controllers and wires them up
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Seth Purcell
Seth Purcell committed Dec 14, 2011
1 parent 8f2cfbc commit 7ac10bb8a9f7be864d99ad79f26d8ce00242c23f
@@ -29,4 +29,5 @@ maintained libraries.
The externally maintained libraries used by Capsela are:
- jQuery, copyright 2010 by John Resig and dual-licensed under
- the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
+ the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
+ - JSON Template, copyright 2009 Andy Chu, Apache 2.0 licensed.
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