CLI that tells you when the ISS will fly over a given address
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Do you like using the command line? Are you always trying to find out when the International Space Station will be flying over your head, but don't have the proper command line tool to do it? I understand your frustration, so I've created a nice little Ruby program that will help you achieve these very important goals.

###Usage Instructions:

Download this code and run main.rb on your local machine, making sure you have the gems rest-client and json installed.

###Example Output:

Enter your address below to determine the next time the ISS will fly over your location...

· Street name:
198 Guerrero St
· City:
San Francisco
· State:
Latutude: 37.7681071 Longitude: -122.4245931
ISS scheduled to be overhead on Saturday, May 07 at 04:33:16 PM for a total of 606 seconds.
* Note that overhead is defined as 10° in elevation for the observer.