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This repository is for the Houdini Toolbox.


In order to use most of the features contained in this repo it is necessary to add/modify certain entries in your environment:


Each entry must include the path to the relevant folders within the Houdini-Toolbox repo, where TOOLBOXDIR is the location you have placed the repo (eg. $HOME/Houdini-Toolbox, D:\Houdini-Toolbox, etc):

  • HOUDINI_PATH needs to include '{TOOLBOXDIR}/houdini'
  • PYTHONPATH needs to include '{TOOLBOXDIR}/python'

NOTE: When adding to the HOUDINI_PATH you MUST be sure to also include $HH ($HFS/houdini) in the path or Houdini will not work correctly. The best thing to do is to insert Houdini's default path value '&' in the path at the end.

See for more info about configuring Houdini paths and variables.

On a unix based systems where you are launching Houdini from a terminal it is as simple as setting the variables in the shell before you launch. For example in tcsh:

setenv HOUDINI_PATH "${HOME}/Houdini-Toolbox/houdini:&"
setenv PYTHONPATH "${HOME}/Houdini-Toolbox/python:${PYTHONPATH}"

Using houdini.env

You can also use the houdini.env file to setup these variables. This is often easier for Windows.

NOTE: Unix and Windows will use different path split characters so ensure you are using the correct one for your platform:

  • : for unix: /some/path:&
  • ; for Windows: c:\some\path;&
HOUDINI_PATH = "${HOME}/Houdini-Toolbox/houdini:&"
PYTHONPATH = "${HOME}/Houdini-Toolbox/python"

HOUDINI_PATH = "D:\Houdini-Toolbox\houdini;&"
PYTHONPATH = "D:\Houdini-Toolbox\python"
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