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This repository is for the Houdini Toolbox.

Python 3

This repository is now entirely Python 3 based and is no longer compatible with Python 2.7 versions of Houdini. The old Python 2.7 compatible code is available in the python2.7 branch.


In order to use most of the features contained in this repo it is necessary to add/modify certain entries in your environment:


The following instructions assume TOOLBOXDIR is the location where you have downloaded this repository: ($HOME/Houdini-Toolbox, D:\Houdini-Toolbox, etc)

Using Houdini Packages

The easiest way to get this working is to use Houdini Packages.

Simply add {TOOLBOXDIR} to $HOUDINI_PACKAGE_DIR in order for Houdini to find the package definition and load it.

Manual Setup

You'll need to add the relevant folders within {TOOLBOXDIR} to the previously mentioned paths:

  • HOUDINI_PATH needs to include '{TOOLBOXDIR}/houdini'
  • PYTHONPATH needs to include '{TOOLBOXDIR}/python'

NOTE: When adding to the HOUDINI_PATH you MUST be sure to also include $HH ($HFS/houdini) in the path or Houdini will not work correctly. The best thing to do is to insert Houdini's default path value '&' in the path at the end.

See for more info about configuring Houdini paths and variables.

On a unix based systems where you are launching Houdini from a terminal it is as simple as setting the variables in the shell before you launch. For example in bash:

export HOUDINI_PATH="${HOME}/Houdini-Toolbox/houdini:&"
export PYTHONPATH="${HOME}/Houdini-Toolbox/python:${PYTHONPATH}"