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Compile under Houdini 16.

Remove deprecated and defunct functions.
Line changed: 230(deprecated), 250(deprecated) and 254(defunct)
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PradeepBarua committed May 7, 2017
1 parent f6e9624 commit 6203c5c2627c578441835fd8883d52fa612cd58d
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  1. +3 −3 SOP/SOP_IdAttribCopy/SOP_IdAttribCopy.C
@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ SOP_IdAttribCopy::cookInputGroups(OP_Context &context, int alone=0)
// If the group string is not null, then we try to parse the group.
if (grp_name.isstring())
myGroup = parsePointGroups((const char *)grp_name, pgdp);
myGroup = parsePointGroups((const char *)grp_name, GroupCreator(pgdp, false));
// If the group is not valid, then the group string is invalid
// as well. Thus, we add an error to this SOP.
@@ -247,11 +247,11 @@ SOP_IdAttribCopy::cookInputGroups(OP_Context &context, int alone=0)
// If no group string is specified, then we operate on the entire
// geometry, so we highlight every point for this SOP.
// This is where we notify our handles (if any) if the inputs have changed.
checkInputChanged(0, -1, myDetailGroupPair, pgdp, myGroup);
notifyGroupParmListeners(0, -1, (const GU_Detail *)pgdp, myGroup);
// If we are called by the handles, then we have to unlock our inputs.
if (alone)

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