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This project has two parts - a bot that runs under /u/Spam_Report_reviewer, and a script that can run under your own username.

It reviews all /r/spam reports by a given user. It checks for duplicates, checks to see if the reported user has been shadowbanned, and outputs a list of non-shadowbanned users.

The script version will also delete your spam posts, and automatically message the admins.

To run this, you will need to have Python 2.7+ and PRAW installed. To install PRAW, you will need Pip.

  1. Install python by googling "install python" and following the directions. During the install, be sure to check the option for the environment or path variable.

  2. Install pip:

  3. Open a the Windows command prompt. Type "pip install praw".

  4. Now download and run the spam report reviewer script.