A tiny(!) JavaScript clone of Jekyll inspired by RequireJS
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A tiny (30 line) JavaScript clone of Jekyll inspired by RequireJS.

Like Jekyll, you maintain your website as a collection of static markdown files. Like RequireJS, dependencies (templates) are resolved on the fly via http.

No server-side compilation is need. All rendering is done in the browser.

Demo: https://jordaneldredge.com/projects/jerkll/

Is this a terrible idea?



  • Install: Place the index.html and marked.js files in the root of your web path.
  • Create your pages as .md files. In the /pages directoy. /pages/index.md will be your default page.
  • Link to other pages: #path/to/markdown/file.
  • For local development, issue python -m SimpleHTTPServer. Asynchronous loading of files via the file:/// protocol is prohibited.


Pages and templates take the following format:

     "template": "templates/index.html",
     "name": "Captbaritone"
  # Hello World

  My name is {{ name }}. Welcome to my home page, please visit my

A template must include a {{ content }} wild card:

     "title": "Jerkll"
  <title>{{ title }}</title>
  <h1>My Home Page</h1>

  <a href='#'>Home</a>
  {{ content }}