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CarBoundary is a C project built on top of two (or more) Kinects in order
to build a top-down view of the objects surrounding the car.

More details at:

Dependencies: libSDL and libSDL_gfx

To configure:
	device_definitions.h contains what should be all of the configurable numbers.
	SCREEN_* ENV_* and CAR_* are the ones you should change, as well as entries
	in the deviceDefinitions array.

	ENV_* determines the size, in meters, of the rectangular block surrounding
	the car. I recommend a height slightly greater than your car (Too much
	greater and it'll report your garage ceiling as an obstruction). A width and
	height of your car + 4 feet in either direction.

	SCREEN_WIDTH and SCREEN_HEIGHT are for the display. It scales all the data
	for the ENV cube into that screen width. The scaling algorithm is pretty
	slow, so I keep it small for testing :D.

	CAR_* are just handy #defines used for the positioning. Similarly, BOX_TOP
	and TABLE_TOP are what I use for testing in my apartment.

	   <deviceId>, <baseX>, <baseY>, <baseZ>, <horizAngle>, <vertAngle>
		 deviceId: Device #0 or #1. If you have just two, that's it. When plugging
							 them in, unplugging it, etc, that can change ordering, so just
							 swap the device IDs.
	   baseX/Y/Z: The location of the center of the Kinect, within the cube
		            defined by ENV_* (0,0,0 is bottom south-west corner)
     horizAngle: 0 is pointing straight ahead, 90 is to the right.
		 vertAngle: 0 is pointing straight ahead, 90 is straight up.
	The default setup in deviceDefinitions is for two kinects, approximately
	1.4 feet above the ground, both pointing straight ahead, and 1.5 meters
	apart from each other.

To compile:
	All you should need to do is "make" - it will compile the external libraries
	(libusb and libfreenect), then compile CarBoundary itself.

	libusb and libfreenect are contained in ext/, purely because they weren't
	available in my package management, and it made it easier to test on all
	three of my machines by including it. The libusb has a patch in it that
	supposedly makes it work on OS X, but doesn't harm it on other platforms.

To run: ./boundary_run


Using the Kinect, sense objects around the car and display them in a top-down view




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