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Fork of the original dotjs extension with css and apache support
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This is a fork of the original dotjs.

Differences from the fork:

  • Uses my apache server instead of starting a daemon on localhost
  • No error logging (404s are silent if you create 404.js and 404.css)
  • Custom vhost file for apache (vhost.conf).
  • Handles css files from ~/.css directory as well (using code from dotcss extension from here).
  • Handles wildcard domains via 404.js and 404.css. (These files will be run if no corresponding files are found).

Setup Instructions

  • Generate SSL Keys for your localhost, and import them in Chrome
  • Setup your vhost file for https to serve ~/.js/ and ~/.css properly (copy the two Location blocks from vhost.conf to your apache vhost).
  • Create a blank 404.js file in your ~/.js directory
  • Create a blank 404.css file in your ~/.css directory
  • You can enable the allow-insecure-localhost flag in Chrome as well if you are using a self-signed certificate


  • I used stylish until I switched my laptop and lost all my custom styles.
  • I don't like the idea of running multiple web servers when I already use apache
  • I didn't like seeing 404 errors when I could do better.
  • This was a fun exercise


Licenced under the MIT Licence.


  • This is a modified version of the original dotjs and dotcss extensions by defunkt and stewart
  • Abhay Rana
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