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Script to generate an ebook for "Never Say You Can't Survive" - book by Charlie Jane Anders.


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Never Say You Can’t Survive in progress MIT license

Book Cover

“You have the power to shape worlds, and the monsters are scared of you.”

From author Charlie Jane Anders, Never Say You Can’t Survive is a how-to book about the storytelling craft, but it’s also full of memoir, personal anecdote, and insight about how to flourish in the present emergency.

The repository contains scripts to generate an ebook in the EPUB format from the posts at More details at

Support the author by getting the book at, Indiebound, Barnes and Noble. Audiobook available on Audible.

How to run

With Docker

docker pull captn3m0/never-say-you-cant-survive
docker run --rm --volume "$(pwd):/output" captn3m0/never-say-you-cant-survive:latest

The generated file will get created in your current directory.

If you are on Windows, instead run:

docker pull captn3m0/never-say-you-cant-survive
docker run --rm --volume "//c/:/output" captn3m0/never-say-you-cant-survive:latest

and the generated ebook will be created in the C:\never-say-you-cant-survive.epub.

Without Docker

Dependencies: ruby, wget, pandoc

git clone
cd never-say-you-cant-survive
bundle install

Your generated ebook should be available at never-say-you-cant-survive.epub


(All links to

Section I - Introduction
  1. [How To Make Your Own Imaginary Friends][c1]
  2. [Imposter Syndrome Is Just Part of Being a Writer][c2]
  3. [Embrace Uncertainty: The Joy of Making a Giant Mess][c3]
  4. [Everything Is Broken! What Should I Write About?][c4]
Section II - What’s A Story, and How Do You Find One?
  1. [Don’t Be Afraid to Go on Lots of First Dates With Story Ideas][c5]
  2. [The Secret to Storytelling? Just One Good Scene, and Then Another and Another][c6]
  3. [The Most Powerful Thing a Story Can Do Is Show How People Change][c7]
  4. [A Good Plot Is Made Out of Two Things][c8]
  5. [How to Tell a Thrilling Story Without Breaking Your Own Heart][c9]
  6. [The Ending Is The Beginning][c10]
Section III - Your Feelings are Valid—and Powerful
  1. [Hold On To Your Anger. It’s a Storytelling Goldmine][c11]
  2. [People Are Only as Interesting as Their Relationships][c12]
  3. [One Easy Way to Feel Better About the World][c13]
  4. [Revision Is the Process of Turning Fake Emotion Into Real Emotion][c14]
  5. [Twelve Ways to Keep the Fun of Writing Alive][c15]
Section IV - What We Write About When We Write About Spaceships
  1. [How to Write a Political Story Without Falling on Your Face][c16]
  2. [Good Worldbuilding Shows How Things Could Be Different][c17]
  3. [The Unexamined Story Is Not Worth Writing][c18]
  4. [Weirdness Gives Me the Strength To Keep Going][c19]
  5. [When Is It Okay To Write About Someone Else’s Culture or Experience?][c20]
Section V: How to Use Writerly Tricks to Gain Unstoppable Powers
  1. [Find Your Voice and Make It LOUD][c21]
  2. [A Strong Narrator Can Help You Weave a Spell of Protection][c22]
  3. [When the World Goes Loopy, You Can Become a Master of Time and Space][c23]
  4. [Irony Doesn’t Have To Be the Enemy of Feels. They Can Team Up, In Fact!][c24]
  5. [Write The Book That Only You Could Have Written][c25]


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for details.

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