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Sympathy is an in-browser text editor for Chrome, which allows you to edit local files. This means you can browse to file:///path/to/file.js and it will open in Sympathy itself and you can save/edit it within Chrome itself.

Sympathy does not hit the web for any sort of sync ever. It is an alternative to simple text editors such as geany/notepad++, but it works within your browser.


Screenshot of manual page

file:// browsing

bookmark support

new tab

#Why? Because the future is the browser? And more so because I wanted a local editor in my browser to complement a terminal. Other than these three things, what more would you need? You can read the related blog post at my blog which gave birth to this editor. I was initially hoping for a chromium fork as I could not think of a way to get (good) local file access in chromium, but I recently heard about NPAPI plugins having full access to local filesystem (and consequentially npapi-file-io).

#How? Sympathy does not use the HTML5 filesystem API. It instead relies on a NPAPI plugin called npapi-file-io. The plugin acts as a relay between the frontend and the filesystem, allowing you to save and read files, directories.

#What's Next? A move to use backbone.js is in progress (see the backbone branch). Lots of exciting features are planned as well.

#Compatability It only works with Linux/Windows as of now. But due to lac of npapi-file-io bindings for mac, it won't work there.

##Licence I have not yet decided on the licence, but it will probably be MIT/GPLv3.


  • Feel free to add fork and add patches via github for new features. Please open an issue first to make sure that I'm not already working on it.
  • If you are good in C++, contribute to the npapi-file-io plugin. It could really help us out.

Editor Icon by Asher used under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


Local File Editor for Chrome using NPAPI






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