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Sympathy User Manual

Sympathy is a local file editor for Chrome. The following features are available in Sympathy:

  1. Syntax Highlighting (all major languages using CodeMirror)
  2. In browser editing of all files (no need to sync with dropbox)
  3. All normal fancy features for a text editor are present

Sympathy is self-coded, meaning it was completely written in itself, validating itself as a viable code editor.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Sympathy is primarily a Code Editor, which can also function as a text editor in some cases. As such, it tries to rely on keyboard shortcuts instead of cluttering the interface with menus, tabs, preferences etc.

  • F9 Cycle through themes
  • F1 This Manual
  • Ctrl-F Search
  • Ctrl-Z Undo
  • Ctrl-E Open new editor tab
  • Ctrl-S Save the file
  • Ctrl-Space Autocomplete (only javascript)
  • Ctrl-H Find and Replace
  • Ctrl-O Open a file
  • Ctrl-Shift-O Open a file in new tab
  • Ctrl-D Duplicate a line/selection
  • Ctrl-J/L Go to line number
  • Ctrl-R Reload the current file
  • Ctrl-G Find next
  • Ctrl-Shift-G Find previous
  • Ctrl-Shift-F Replace
  • Ctrl-F Search
  • Shift-Ctrl-R Replace all


As of now, Sympathy is still under heavy development, and this is a pre-alpha release. Please report any bugs/features to me. All official announcements will be made on the Sympathy homepage

Known Issues

  • Plugin crashes on trying to load a directory which contains symlinks.
  • Date Modified Information may be lost as sympathy deletes and rewrites the file from scratch.
  • Does not work on Mac (npapi-file-io does not have mac bindings)

Planned Features

Please see github issues for planned features.