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cors gives you easy control over Cross Origin Resource Sharing for your site.

It allows you to whitelist particular domains per route, or to simply allow all domains * If desired you may customize nearly every aspect of the specification.


cors [path] [domains...] {
	origin            [origin]
	methods           [methods]
	allow_credentials [allowCredentials]
	max_age           [maxAge]
	allowed_headers   [allowedHeaders]
	exposed_headers   [exposedHeaders]
  • path is the file or directory this applies to (default is /).
  • domains is a space-seperated list of domains to allow. If ommitted, all domains will be granted access.
  • origin is a domain to grant access to. May be specified multiple times or ommitted.
  • methods is set of http methods to allow. Default is these: POST,GET,OPTIONS,PUT,DELETE.
  • allow_credentials sets the value of the Access-Control-Allow-Credentials header. Can be true or false. By default, header will not be included.
  • max_age is the length of time in seconds to cache preflight info. Not set by default.
  • allowed_headers is a comma-seperated list of request headers a client may send.
  • exposed_headers is a comma-seperated list of response headers a client may access.


Simply allow all domains to request any path:


Protect specific paths only, and only allow a few domains:

cors /foo

Full configuration:

cors / {
  methods           POST,PUT
  allow_credentials false
  max_age           3600
  allowed_headers   X-Custom-Header,X-Foobar
  exposed_headers   X-Something-Special,SomethingElse