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examples/sampler platter


This is a bundle geared towards aspiring briefs authors. Below is a description of each
of the folders in this kit. As you may already know, Briefs are authored on a Mac desktop
or laptop. 

While not required, there are resources that are specific to certain applications
that are found in a typical designer's arsenal. If you find support for your particular tool
of choice is not included, I will update this kit to include any additional resources you 
provide. You can contact me using the various methods listed below.

Rob Rhyne

Follow briefs on twitter at


In this folder you'll find the source, including photoshop files, for the briefs that come 
installed as part of the application. The sampler platter is a multi-scene brief that 
demonstrates various capabilities of the briefs system. I encourage you to consult that source 
to get a feel for the platform.

This folder contains sample images, including a springboard PSD that can be use to place your
sample app icon inside of an opening scene. There is also a textmate plugin for the .bs files.
The plugin allows you to drag images onto the editor to create scenes and actors directly. It
also offers syntax highlighting for the entire language.

Contained in this folder are the two scripts essential to compiling and building briefs. Both
should be copied to a location on your path. (I suggest /usr/local/bin/) The first, `BS`, is
the parser for .bs script files. The output of this parser is a source file with file references
to the images. The second script, `compact-briefs` will serialize each image reference into the 
source file, outputting a .brieflist as a single file. This compacted .brieflist can then be
referenced in a briefcast or put on a web server (like a dropbox public folder) to load into 
the app.

For a reference on the .bs syntax, take a look at the cheatsheet.pdf file at the top of this