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Automatically extract the perimeter of a city given an aerial or satellite image of the city.
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City perimeter detection

Automatically extract the perimeter of a city given an aerial or satellite image of the city. A convolutional neural network is used to identify the road network in the image, and then image processing techniques expand the road network into a contour of the city.

Summary diagram

A full overview of this project including results and a summary of the methods are available here. The basic workflow is listed below with each step corresponding to a Jupyter notebook. More details are also available within the notebooks. Note that the data used is not hosted here because of size and ownership, but the procedure for freely downloading is explained in the first notebook.

  1. download.ipynb Download aerial images for 6 cities in Arizona. Aerial images are sourced from the National National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) data available on an AWS S3 bucket. Many image files must downloaded to cover a single city resulting in about 3-4 GB of data.
  2. label_roads.ipynb Generate labels for machine learning by overlaying freely available Open Street Map roads onto the georeferenced aerial images. Here we also store data from the largest city (Phoenix, AZ) into an HDF5 dataset that will be used as the training/development/test sets.
  3. preprocess.ipynb Mosaic the multiple images file downloaded in step 1 so that there exists one large aerial image per city. This will be easier to work with downstream.
  4. learn.ipynb Train a convolutional neural network on the training set established in step 2. A modified U-Net architecture is used.
  5. predict.ipynb Apply the CNN to the 5 other cities to generate road predictions.
  6. morph.ipynb Starting with the road network predictions, apply morphological operations and a contour extraction to produce a bounding polygon around the road network. This is taken to be the city perimeter.

Results for the 5 cities are shown below.


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