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"a simple Low Tech Blog theme for Textpattern CMS"

This theme tries to have less technological environmental impacts: it uses a main dark color to reduce electric consumption on screens, no custom fonts but system ones instead, no social networks links, a recommendation to convert images to half tone versions (image files weight reduced by half, never mind the formats), with native multilingual features without the help of plugins, Flexbox inside but with fallback for a pretty good cross-browser support: Internet Explorer 7 minimum.

How to install?

Place this theme folder and its content into your root/theme repertory. Access to your Textpattern's administration interface, then choose the "Themes" panel, import the theme by selecting it into the list, finally activate it.

Important note: After installation, you'll can visit your public home page but you'll encourt errors messages for individual article display context (seems never occurs with TXP 4.8 version). It's normal: due to multilingual feature, [\a\] need a special section (this one is the minimum required) to work (even if you do not want to create a multilingual website). Start to create an en section attached to the default page template and set it "On front page" (or rename the articles one), then associate your first article (or the default one shiped with the Textpattern distribution) to it.

How to use the multilingual feature?

Create sections with a 2 lowercase letters as name for country codes and assign each to the default page template. Choose your main language by setting the page On default page (only one allowed). Publish some articles for each section in the corresponding language.

How to add other pages (displayed into the sub-menu)?

Create all sections needed by assigning the default page template. Check the "Form" panel: you can find the main_menu_en (2 letters suffix) as a model. Adapt the exclude attribute into the section_list tag in order to remove the non corresponding sections for the current language.

You have to create a "fake" article for each pages with the 2 letters country code for body text in order to identify the language. Set the status to persistant. Now, you can write an new article for this page with a published status.

How to add archive pages?

Create the sections needed and assign its to the archives page template. Then process as explain above in order to affect the articles to the pages.

Configure the theme

Check the config form to change the TXP variable according to your needs.

Theme files

All page templates and forms are provided in compact versions but into more human readable copies.

Images convertion

You can use this free online service to convert your images in "Half Tone":