Speed up your TXP websites: strip white spaces or tabs and GZIP compress pages on the fly.
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pat-speeder license version Textpattern 4.7+

A Textpattern CMS plugin. Last Commit

Did you ever seen the source code of the Google main page? For speed reasons, Google serves its home page into one line of code. The benefit is a server bandwidth gain. So what don't we make the same for ours TXP websites?

Just activate this plugin and your page templates will be rendered into one line of code:

<txp:pat_speeder enable="1" gzip="1" /><!DOCTYPE ...

See the plugin help for attributes details.

Warning: This plugin seems not to be compatible with some flash audio players (to be confirmed).

You can take a benefit rendition between 5% (for precompressed pages) and 6% (normal pages) according to Ruud van Melick's observations.

Included automatic server side GZIP compression, if available, gives an average additional benefit of 75%.

This plugin (v 0.7) seems to get better results than ask_header (v 0.3.6) up to 0.7% (based on a vanilla default TXP installation).

Preferences settings

After installation, go to your website preferences:

Enable pat_speeder? Allow you to stop this plugin rendering thougout all your pages where it is used (only if the "enable" attibute is set on "1");

Enable GZIP compression with pat_speeder? Choose to activate the internal GZIP compression if needed (you may set your .htaccess file instead) only if the gzip attribute isn't set into this plugin tag;

List of tags to protect from pat_speeder: a comma separated list of tags to protect against the plugin. Default: script, svg, pre, code. Note: textarea is included into the plugin;

Enable extreme compression? This is a 'Compact mode' that removes all unnecessary spaces (precisely: 2 and more) between all tags to return a smaller document in size. Keep in mind you have to write correctly your page and form markups without excessive spaces around tags otherwise you can get unexpective results such as text content sticky from each others (typical case: a link into a text). So this is why this mode is facultative and reserved for advanced users.