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A variety of clients for the third-impact API, in Ruby and JavaScript
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third-impact client

A collection of clients for the third-impact API, a basic microblogging toy service with users, authentication, and other basic features.

Publicly viewable at


  • Vanilla - A single page app with custom templating, uses no jQuery or frameworks
  • jQuery - A reimplementation of Vanilla with jQuery, using Mustache for templating
  • Backbone - Planned
  • React - Planned

The API is running on Heroku, and someday at


  • Implement title handling
  • Implement a more secure session/authentication solution. Currently, plain tokens are stored in the database on the server side and in localstorage on the client side.
    • Redis session store?
    • JSON web tokens?
  • Set up non-Heroku server
  • Set up SSL
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