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The Glossary is an alphabetical list of Computer Science terms. These terms display as just the title and when clicked, reveal the definition. They also display a link to any related term that, when clicked, brings the user to that new term and reveals the definition.

The glossary can also be filtered alphabetically using the navbar located at the top of the screen. If a term has a related or "see also" term that does not appear in the same filter, the glossary will re-render all of the terms and then go to the appropriate term.

The project currently gets the terms as a JSON object from the Google Spreadsheets API using AJAX.

To view google spreadsheet with terms

The spreadhseet is set up with 3 columns:

  1. Term
  2. Definition
  3. See Also - the word(s) in the See Also column must be the term name of the word being referred to or the link will not work.

If you want to edit please contact me (Cara Clarke) for editing permissions at


  • Display all terms
  • Link between terms
  • Filter by letter


Install the project by:

$ git clone
$ cd glossary/
$ npm install

To view page locally

$ npm start
// change to new window
$ cd public/
$ ruby -run -e httpd . -p5000