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django-profile Changelog
Development version
* If no area is selected on the avatar crop form, an auto-cropped are is selected.
Thanks to Tristan Brotherton.
* Added an additional Jquery check on the avatar crop utility to ensure that the selected size of the avatar
has a minimum size of 96x96 pixels. Thanks to Tristan Brotherton.
* Solved this bug:
* Added an avatar upload quota. By default, 5Mbytes, but can be
customized via the AVATAR_QUOTA setting (read INSTALL.txt).
Thanks to Tristan Brotherton. Based on this django code:
* Avatar crop bug finally solved. Thanks to stephane.angel:
* Added the French translation. Thanks so much to stephane.angel:
* Added and aditional check to the code to make sure that this bug doesn't happen:
* Added a file. Thanks to Abhishek Mukher:
Thanks to
* Added the possibility to auto-discover the user localization based in his IP.
* Media directory made independent from the global media. Thanks to waifunlee for reporting:
Seen on this thread discussion too:
Version 0.6.0
* Solved some bugs. Thanks to Fabio Varesano.
* Added Traditional Chinese translation. Thanks to Chiu Wei Jia.
* Renamed the setting WEBSEARCH to AVATAR_WEBSEARCH.
* Setting AVATAR_DEFAULT is required, if it's not stablished an exception
will raise.
* Lot of simplifications. Removed the public/private user selection. It was
* Model abstraction with django model inheritance. Now the Profile class has
been renamed BaseProfile. Thanks to Rob Yates and Alvaro Mouriño.
* Better management of avatars. New templatetag to generate thumbs on the fly.
Thanks to Alvaro Mouriño.
* Password managament modified to use the new django password management
* Templates modified to do reverse URL.
* Better management of urls/view variables. Thanks to Alvaro Mouriño.
* Renamed APIKEY setting to GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY.
* Templates modified to do reverse URL.
* Added internacionalization of the urls. Credits to Alvaro Stevens.
* Changed the model of userprofile to solve the problem shown on this ticket:
* Django newforms-admin has been merged into trunk on revision [7967]. Newforms
is now the official form management library, so this version of
django-profile has been adapted to make it compatible with the new changes.
* This revision of django-profile is only compatible with django rev. [7967] or
* Solved some issues with the form upload library. Thanks to Alvaro Mouriño.
* Make the Continent/Country models compatible with the new newforms-admin
interface. Thanks to Alvaro Mouriño.
* Corrected a misspellings on the documentation. Thanks to paltman.
Version 0.5.0
* CSS and HTML formatted with Blueprint CSS
* Lot of code optimization of Django, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
* Great effort on application usability and template design.
* Removed every javascript effectism not really needed.
* Lot of this work made as team with jonas.esp
Version 0.4.2
* Changed the CSS structure. Now is managed with the great Blueprint CSS Framework. Thanks to Kless.
* Some cleanup on the image directory.
Version 0.4.1
* Solved some bugs on the optional configuration parameters APIKEY and
AVATAR_WEBSEARCH. Now they are totally optional. Thanks to Kless.
* Solved a bug on the image crop&resize. If you didn't select a portion of the image, an error
was raised. Thanks to David Castello for the report.
* Some cleanup of the javascript files.
* Solved a problem with license issues. Thanks to Kless.
* Solved a typo on the registration form. Thanks to
* Renamed ROOT_PATH to PROJECT_PATH and solved a bug about directory paths. Thanks to jonas.esp.
Version 0.4.0
* Changed the license type. Now this project has a Simplified BSD license.
* Backward incompatible with older versions.
* Simpler, easier to integrate.
* New interface, more usable and structured.
* Removed the "account" module. Everything is integrated in the module "userprofile".
* Added fixtures for the inital load of Countries and Continents. Thanks to Rob Yates.
* Solved some bugs on the "account" module. Thanks to Rob Yates again.
* Removed the "libmagic" dependency.
* Updated jquery version.
* New avatar crop&resize plugin.
* New avatar management. You can insert an image from an URL, or make a search to Picasaweb.
* Removed the Avatar model. It was innecesary and everything is better managed from the Profile model.
Version 0.3.1
* Solved some bug issues. Thanks to evo for the report.
* Modified the Profile model with the new syntax for the OneToOne fields after the QuerySet Refactor on Django.
Thanks to Arin. Read more:
* Added Italian translation. Thanks to the author of django-press (
Version 0.3
* WARNING!!! "profile" module renamed to "userprofile". The old name had a conflict with the python-profiler
module. If you're updating from the old version, you will have to dump and restore the old database data.
Thanks to Mario Cesar for the report.
* The allowed chars for a username are A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and _
* Solved some mess with the importing of settings variables. Thanks to Mario Cesar.
* We can activate an e-mail validation on the registration process.
Version 0.2.1
* Added Portuguese Brazilian (pt-br) localization. Thanks to Pedro Valente.
* Added Spanish (es) localization.
* Localization framework.
* Better registration form. Check valid usernames.
Version 0.1
* Save profile Ajax-like.
* Removed the django-registration dependency.
* Added hCard information in the UserCard.
* Code cleaned-up and commented.
* Use of webservice to obtain the Country and region when clicking on the Google Map.
* Changed to new version of ui.datepicker
Version 0.001, 19 Nov 2007
* First version uploaded to repository