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Source code for my website. The compiled files are in a Github Pages repository.
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This is the source code for my personal website that is currently hosted @

I have the website hosted on Github Pages and as such I also use the repo as a hosting system. For such a solution I usually deploy from this repository into the other repository.

I didn't want to have to manage separate branches and git subtrees to do this and wanted to be able to maintain a normal workflow for managing this project. For that I add the necessity to add a separate repository thus this one.


This project uses the Hugo static site generator for compiling the source code into the artifacts that are present in the repository.

Most of this is based on Hugo's predefined structure:

  • content - handles all the fixed and dynamic content.
  • scripts - holds scripts that help validate and deploy the website.
  • static - stores static assets.
  • themes - stores the themes used in the website as git submodules.



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