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Ludum Dare 26 – The Fair King


This project is a game that was originally released for the Ludum Dare 26 game Jam. The original release of the game can be checked here:

The goal of the game is divide each of the screens so that each color (except black and white) is equally distributed between the divisions.

The game uses the libGDX java library, and it is available for Desktop and Android.


To be a simple, easy to pick up, puzzle game for Android and Desktop. To periodically add new stages and little secrets.

Standing Issues

  • [ ] “Set all stages to “C” at once (On imakura’s phone)
  • [ ] Repeat-click on level select (On my tablet)
  • [ ] Level select stages are hard to click on small screens
  • [ ] Stage Select Screen is not obvious

Version 1.1.1 Tasklist


  • [ ] Change the XML version number to 1.1.1
  • [ ] Clear TODOs inside the code
  • [ ] Comment each function

Level Selection Screen:

  • [ ] Add “Select Level” text
  • [ ] Make new levels a bit more obvious
  • [ ] Make level buttons bigger
  • [ ] Make Level selection react to gestures

Game understandability

  • [ ] On “settlers” stage, make middle area white
  • [ ] Add “game hints” before each stage

Quality of Life

  • [ ] Add more levels
  • [ ] Add bonus for level completes:
    • New king images
    • other extras

Version 1.1.0 Changelog

Improve stage selection logic

  • [X] Remove the “click invisible stage” bug;
  • [X] Rework the logic for opening new stages;

Improve game interface

  • [X] Move “line” to a separate class (same behavior)
  • [X] Remove drawing timeout OR add timeout indicator; – apparently, I can deal with pretty long lines
  • [X] Game detects an incomplete line and cancel the line;
  • [X] Game detects an “almost complete” line, and completes that line;

General Polish;

  • [X] Add a version counter
  • [X] Add a “clear data” button
  • [X] Make the level selection screen easier to navigate;
  • [X] Make buttons hit boxes larger;
  • [X] Make the game look less washed out on Android;

Make game easier to understand

  • [X] Move level 6 later into the game;
  • [X] Improve the “score” screen
  • [X] Improve the tutorial screens;