Carat: Collaborative Energy Debugging
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Carat Project: Android and iOS Applications

For details, visit

Android APK Download for Devices Without Google Play

Android Releases

Install on iOS or Android

App Store Page for iOS

Google Play Page for Android

Build instructions for Android

  1. Find Carat Android application at
  2. Follow instructions

Build instructions for iOS

  1. Make sure you have the latest Xcode.
  2. Make sure you have ruby version 2.2.2 or later. Here is a short guide to install Ruby 2.3.1 (you can skip the parts after that):
  3. Install ruby gems:
  4. Install latest CocoaPods: gem install cocoapods
  5. Go to the app/ios folder in a terminal and run pod install.
  6. Make sure the SZIdentifierUtils.m and .h files still have #define SHOULD_USE_IDFA 0
  7. Open the resulting Carat.xcodeworkspace in Xcode.
  8. Build and run on an emulator or your device.