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Haskell GraphQL implementation
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Haskell GraphQL

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GraphQL implementation in Haskell.

This implementation is relatively low-level by design, it doesn't provide any mappings between the GraphQL types and Haskell's type system and avoids compile-time magic. It focuses on flexibility instead instead, so other solutions can be built on top of it.

State of the work

For now this only provides a parser and a printer for the GraphQL query language and allows to execute queries and mutations without the schema validation step. But the idea is to be a Haskell port of graphql-js.

For the list of currently missing features see issues marked as "not implemented".


API documentation is available through hackage.

You'll also find a small tutorial with some examples under docs/tutorial.


Suggestions, contributions and bug reports are welcome.

Should you have questions on usage, please open an issue and ask – this helps to write useful documentation.

Feel free to contact on Slack in #haskell on GraphQL. You can obtain an invitation here.

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