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Read these standards

  • All component names should use the prefix cv but otherwise match the carbon component name.
  • All component names should be upper camel cased, with capital first letter and start with the common prefix Cv.
  • All components names must be kebab cased when used in HTML and start with the prefix cv.
  • All custom properties should be lower camel cased and start with the prefix cv.
  • All custom properties must be kebab cased when used in HTML and start with the prefix cv.
  • Existing HTML attributes should not be defined as properties unless they are being used by the component.
  • Where existing HTML attributes are required as properties they should not have the cv prefix added.
  • Where the target for existing HTML attributes is not the outer element assign as per
  • Relys on core carbon CSS, do not import.
  • All components must have one or more stories that demonstrate all abilities of the component.
    • Stories should declare knobs/actions and use the sv-template-view wrapper until a suitable plugin exists.
  • Existing HTML attributes/events should not be coopted for other purposes.
  • Do not add a dependency on core javascript.
  • Do create multiple components where they make semantic sense e.g. cv-list and cv-item, or cv-menu and cv-menu-item.
  • Do capture and re-throw existing events (including from carbon components) where they have a clear need beyond the template. E.g. A button click.
  • Do not capture and re-throw all possible events e.g. focus, mouseOver etc. Users can make user of .native for these, see
  • Where an id is required use uidMixin which will generate an ID if none is supplied.
  • Log all raised events as actions in the story.

Add a complete compoennt

Components consist of a folder with the following

  1. At least one single file component .vue file
  2. A storybook story, following the existing pattern
  3. A notes file detialing usage especially where it might differ from core carbon, or be Vue specific.
  4. An entry in the README file table noting the components status.
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