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1. Light Contribution Model

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Thank you for contributing to Carbon! Below are the steps for our Light Contribution model, from creation to PR.

1. Contributor opens an issue proposing a small design tweak (i.e. a border color change).

Create an issue in the carbon-contribution repo. The following must be included in the issue in order to be reviewed by Carbon:

  • Name of the component that the contributor wants to change
  • Explanation of why the contributor wants the change and thinks it's necessary
  • The research supporting the proposed change
  • Screenshots of the proposed design
  • Names of the contributing designer(s) & developer(s) working on this contribution (GitHub handles are best)

2. Carbon team member will review the request.

A reviewer will evaluate the request to see if it fits a universal need. If the change is not accepted, the reviewer will comment explaining why and close the issue. If the proposal is accepted, Carbon may ask for additional changes as needed.

3. Contributor makes two PRs.

Once Carbon approves the final design, the contributor needs to submit the changes to one of our repos. The first PR needs to be made to the carbon-components repo to change the component itself. The second PR needs to be made to the design-system-website repo to update the documentation. If you do not know how to make a PR, view our instructions.

Please make sure to include the initial issue number and link in both PRs.

4. The Carbon team will review the PRs

A Carbon developer and a designer will review the contributor's PRs. If any changes need to be made they will comment on the PR. Otherwise, if it's ready to go they will approve the PR and merge it.

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