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2. Heavy contribution model

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Thank you for contributing to Carbon! Below are the steps for our Heavy Contribution modal, from creation to PR. Before contributing a component we highly recommend checking out the "Before you start" section of our contribution page.

1. Open an issue proposing the new component

Create an issue in the carbon-contribution repo with the following information in order to be reviewed by Carbon:

The issue is titled as New component name.

The issue description includes:

  • Name of the component
  • The research supporting and reasoning behind the proposed change
  • Screenshot(s) of the proposed design and states
  • A cloud link to the Sketch file and/or PR of the coded component
  • Names of the contributing designer(s) & developer(s) working on this contribution (GitHub handles are best)

2. Carbon will reach out to set up a meeting with all contributors

One designer and one developer from the Carbon team will be in this meeting to review the following:

  • The research on why Carbon needs this addition/change
  • The new component designs and its use cases
  • The Carbon designer and developer will determine if the new component should be brought into the main design library or into one of the add-on repos
  • If necessary, Carbon will give feedback on requests for changes, updates, etc. and set up a follow-up meeting(s) to review again

3. Creating website assets

If the proposed component is to be added to the main library, the contributor will utilize the Heavy Contribution Template to create all necessary images and documentation assets for the component's style and usage tabs. The instructions for the Sketch template and markdown files can be found in the file in the template folder. It is strongly recommended that contributors review the Carbon production guidelines before creating style and usage images.

4. Submission and review

Once all template assets are complete, create a zip file for the entire Heavy Contribution Template folder and save it to Box or your preferred cloud storage. Add a link of the zipped folder to the original GitHub issue. Please make sure the link permissions are set so anyone can view and download the folder. The Carbon team will do another review of all images and documentation for the style and usage content. If it does not meet the Carbon standard, the contributor may be asked to make changes before it is given final approval.

6. Create a PR

Once Carbon makes the final approval, the contributor needs to submit the changes to our repos. The first PR needs to be made to the carbon-components repo to add the code for the new component. The second PR needs to be made to the design-system-website repo to add the new component section. The component folder should be added into src > content > components. Make sure the folder follows the component-name naming structure.

Please make sure to include the initial issue number and link in both PRs. If you do not know how to make a PR, view our instructions.

7. The Carbon team will review the PR

For the final review, a Carbon developer and designer will review the contributor's PRs. If any changes need to be made they will comment on the PR. Otherwise, if its ready to go they will approve the PR and merge it as it fits the Carbon roadmap.

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