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Export pattern

Exporting a resource saves data in a different format, external to the system.




Vikki Paterson, Arnaud Gillard

Example of an export pattern using a modal in context

Intuitive default name

When the resource is given an intuitive name by default and there is no choice of export location, the export occurs on the click of the Export button and nothing additional is displayed.

Example of an export button on a data table

Editable name

When exporting with an editable name, a dialog should be presented to the user displaying an editable textbox that is pre-populated with the default name for the file.

Example of an export modal

Example of an export modal in its "Exporting" state.

Example of an export modal in its "Success" state.

Specify export location

When specifying the download location of a resource, clicking the primary “download” button activates the browser's default location panel. The file is downloaded once a location is selected and the user clicks Save.

Example of an export modal in its "Exporting" state.

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