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This is the roadmap for the Carbon Design System, based on our planned design and development path. It is a list of our priorities in various broad initiative areas.

Core product

  • WCAG Compliance for core component libraries (vanilla and React)
  • Sketch kit themes
  • Data table functionality updates
  • Properties and state management
  • UI Shell v1
  • Design specs for unbuilt features
  • New feature requests
  • Theming
  • Document and templatize the pattern design process
  • Charts
  • Data visualization
  • Investigate feasibility / desirability of fluid components

Process improvement

  • Sketch kit themes functionality
  • Dev tooling
  • Generate design assets from code
  • Tools to measure Carbon adoption

Education and activation

  • 'Adopt a product' initiative
  • Class curriculum coursework
  • More tutorials
  • User testing and research
  • Expand enablement and education for contributing

Governance and architecture

  • React as the source of truth, or introduce monorepo approach
  • Standardize components (specs, reporting, etc)
  • Define add-ons / user generated content approach


  • Clean up code comments
  • Expanded documentation and live demo
  • Define active support model / strategy

More Information on Patterns

Prioritize the most important compound components, layouts, and workflow patterns. Encourage bringing these in through contribution from extended teams.

  • Publish on the website the full list of all components that we propose, even if 0% complete.
  • Prioritize and solicit contributions based on follows and upvotes for components.

Compound components

  • Shell (header, global navigation, avatar, left/right sidebars, breadcrumbs, footer)
  • Forms
  • Data table
  • Empty states
  • Date picker
  • Cards
  • Condition builder
  • Reporting
  • File uploader
  • Calendar/scheduler
  • Data visualization

Page templates

  • Home page
  • Dashboard page
  • Detail page
  • Profile page
  • Catalog page
  • Billing and usage page
  • Management page
  • Docs page
  • Legal

Workflow patterns

  • Login
  • First-time use
  • Registration
  • Searching
  • What's new
  • Embedded help
  • Provisioning
  • Upgrading
  • Updating
  • Canceling
  • Favoriting


This roadmap is not a delivery commitment and is subject to change based on user needs and feedback.

Last updated 4/22/2019

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