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Zipcode Service

Build Status Carbon Version

This example illustrates the use of to implement a simple microservice for managing zipcodes.

Installing the service

We encourage you to clone the git repository so you can play around with the code.

$ git clone -b carbon-0.7
$ cd example__zipcode-service
$ npm install

Running the service

To run the service:

$ node lib/ZipcodeService

For cmdline help:

$ node lib/ZipcodeService -h

Running the unit tests

This example comes with a simple unit test written in's test framework called TestTube. It is located in the test directory.

$ node test/ZipcodeServiceTest


$ npm test

Generating API documentation (aglio flavor)

To generate documentation using aglio, install it as a devDependency:

$ npm install -D --no-optional aglio

Using --no-optional speeds up aglio's install time significantly. Then generate the docs using this command:

$ node lib/ZipcodeService gen-static-docs --flavor aglio --out docs/index.html