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Carbon Black - VirusTotal Connector

The VirusTotal connector submits binaries collected by Carbon Black to VirusTotal for binary analysis. The results are collected and placed into an Intelligence Feed on your Carbon Black server. The feed will then tag any binaries executed on your endpoints identified as malware by VirusTotal. Only binaries submitted by the connector for analysis will be included in the generated Intelligence Feed.

To use this connector, you must have a VirusTotal Private API key. You cannot use a VirusTotal Public API key as the Public API is severely rate limited. You can apply for a private API key through the VirusTotal web interface. VirusTotal Private API keys are only available via a paid subscription to VirusTotal. For more information on the Private API, see the VirusTotal Frequently Asked Questions.

Log in to with your credentials, navigate to your profile -> settings and select the apikey tab. There will be a button for requesting a private api key from VT.

Installation Quickstart

As root on your Carbon Black or other RPM based 64-bit Linux distribution server:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d
curl -O
yum install python-cb-virustotal-connector

Once the software is installed via YUM, copy the /etc/cb/integrations/virustotal/connector.conf.example file to /etc/cb/integrations/virustotal/connector.conf. Edit this file and place your Carbon Black API key into the carbonblack_server_token variable and your Carbon Black server's base URL into the carbonblack_server_url variable.

Then you must place your credentials for VirusTotal into the configuration file: place API token into the virustotal_api_token variable in the /etc/cb/integrations/virustotal/connector.conf file.

Any errors will be logged into /var/log/cb/integrations/virustotal/virustotal.log.

Additional Configuration Options

Full Binary Submission

As of the VirusTotal connector 1.0.5 and above, the Cb VirusTotal connector is configured to not send full binaries to VirusTotal for analysis, it will only send hashes. This is different behavior from previous versions (1.0.4 and earlier). Versions 1.0.4 and earlier will automatically send binaries to VirusTotal if VirusTotal does not already have a copy of the binary by default.

To enable FULL binary submission, change virustotal_deep_scan_threads to a value greater than 0. We recommend 1 or 2 threads. You must also add the submit_full_binaries option and set it to 1. These options need to be changed in the connector.conf file. A copy of these options is shown below:

; *** other VT customers may be able to download binaries you submit to VirusTotal ***
; To enable sending binaries to VirusTotal anyway, uncomment the following two lines

If you are upgrading from an earlier version to 1.0.5 or newer, uploading binaries to VirusTotal is automatically disabled until you explicitly enable it by adding the submit_full_binaries=1 option described above into your configuration file.

Virus Total Rescanning

By default, binaries which are already known by VirusTotal will not be resubmitted for rescanning. If this functionality is desired, the rescan_window option can be added to the configuration file to set the window of time in which binaries are to be resubmitted for scanning.

;Window of time within which to rescan a submitted file
;S=H,M,D,W = hours,minutes,days,weeks
;NEVER= do not rescan binaries no matter how old the latest scan is (DEFAULT)


If you suspect a problem, please first look at the VirusTotal connector logs found here: /var/log/cb/integrations/virustotal/virustotal.log (There might be multiple files as the logger "rolls over" when the log file hits a certain size).

If you want to re-run the analysis across your binaries:

  1. Stop the service: service cb-virustotal-connector stop
  2. Remove the database file: rm /usr/share/cb/integrations/virustotal/db/sqlite.db
  3. Remove the feed from your Cb server's Threat Intelligence page
  4. Restart the service: service cb-virustotal-connector start


  1. Use the Developer Community Forum to discuss issues and ideas with other API developers in the Carbon Black Community.
  2. Report bugs and change requests through the GitHub issue tracker. Click on the + sign menu on the upper right of the screen and select New issue. You can also go to the Issues menu across the top of the page and click on New issue.
  3. View all API and integration offerings on the Developer Network along with reference documentation, video tutorials, and how-to guides.