Analyze binaries collected in Carbon Black against Yara rules
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Carbon Black - Yara Connector

Yara is the linga franca of malware analysts. With a robust language to define byte strings and clean, well-designed interfaces, many IR and security operations shops keep the results of their analysis in a local repository of yara rules.

However, monitoring activity across your network for matches to your yara rules is difficult. If possible at all, it usually involves infrequent, time-consuming scans.
Since Carbon Black collects all executed binaries and has a robust API, it is possible to configure your Carbon Black server to act as a "Yara Monitor" and automatically trigger notification for any binary executed across your network matching any of your Yara rules.

Installation Quickstart

As root on your Carbon Black or other RPM based 64-bit Linux distribution server:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d
curl -O
yum install python-cb-yara-connector

Once the software is installed via YUM, copy the /etc/cb/integrations/yara/connector.conf.example file to /etc/cb/integrations/yara/connector.conf. Edit this file and place your Carbon Black API key into the carbonblack_server_token variable and your Carbon Black server's base URL into the carbonblack_server_url variable. Also, point the Yara connector to a directory of yara rule files by editing the yara_rule_directory variable. A set of example rules are included in the /usr/share/cb/integrations/yara/example_rules directory.

To start the service, run service cb-yara-connector start as root. Any errors will be logged into /var/log/cb/integrations/yara/yara.log.


If you suspect a problem, please first look at the Yara connector logs found here: /var/log/cb/integrations/yara/yara.log (There might be multiple files as the logger "rolls over" when the log file hits a certain size).

If you want to re-run the analysis across your binaries:

  1. Stop the service: service cb-yara-connector stop
  2. Remove the database file: rm /usr/share/cb/integrations/yara/db/sqlite.db
  3. Remove the feed from your Cb server's Threat Intelligence page
  4. Restart the service: service cb-yara-connector start

Building yara-python with crypto

This is only needed if you are building the connector from scratch.

  1. git clone --recursive
  2. cd yara-python/yara
  3. ./
  4. ./configure --with-crypto
  5. make
  6. mktmpenv
  7. python build --dynamic-linking
  8. python install

Contacting Carbon Black Developer Relations Support

Web: E-mail:

Reporting Problems

When you contact Bit9 Developer Relations Technical Support with an issue, please provide the following:

  • Your name, company name, telephone number, and e-mail address
  • Product name/version, CB Server version, CB Sensor version
  • Hardware configuration of the Carbon Black Server or computer (processor, memory, and RAM)
  • For documentation issues, specify the version of the manual you are using.
  • Action causing the problem, error message returned, and event log output (as appropriate)
  • Problem severity