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A connector that integrates VMware's Carbon Black Cloud with Zscaler's ZIA Sandbox


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DEPRECATED: Zscaler ZIA Sandbox Connector for VMware Carbon Black Cloud

This integration is deprecated and no longer maintained.

Latest Version: v1.1 Release Date: 12/06/2021


This is an integration between Zscaler's ZIA Sandbox and VMware Carbon Black Cloud (CBC) Endpoint Standard and CBC Enterprise EDR. While Zscaler can scan all files before they reach the endpoint if they come through the network, what happens when a file comes in via another method, or prior to sensor installation?

The connector will scan for any CBC Enterprise Standard events or CBC Enterprise EDR processes. After pulling the processes it checks all of the unique hashes against a database of files that have been checked in the past. If the file is not known, a request to Zscaler's ZIA Sandbox is made to see if they have any information on it. If they do, or if the file is known bad from the local database, action is taken.

Action options consist of:

  • Adding to a CBC Enterprise EDR Watchlist Feed
  • Passing the event and sandbox report to a webhook
  • Running a script
  • Isolating the endpoint
  • Moving the endpoint into a policy


- Python 3.x with sqlite3
- VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard or Enterprise EDR
- Zscaler ZIA with licensed Sandbox


Use of the Carbon Black API is governed by the license found in LICENSE.


  1. This integration is no longer supported. However, as an open source project is able to be extended by interested users.


Clone the repository into a local folder.

git clone

Install the requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Edit the config.conf file and update with your configurations


All of the configurable settings for the integration can be found in config.conf.

Carbon Black Configuration

You will need to create 1 API Access Level and 3 API keys

Custom Access Level Permissions

Category Permission Name .Notation Name Create Read Update Delete Execute
Custom Detections Feeds org.feeds ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Device Quarantine device.quarantine ☑️
Device General Information device ☑️
Device Policy assignment device.policy ☑️
Search Events ☑️ ☑️
Unified Binary Store SHA-256 ☑️

Access Levels (API key type)

Note: Without changes, Live Response will cease working on July 31st 2024 when the API is deactivated in Carbon Black Cloud.

  1. API
  2. Custom [Select your Custom Access Level]
  3. Live Response (optional, used in

The Organization Key can be found in the upper-left of the Settings > API Keys page.

CarbonBlack Configure Carbon Black Cloud
url URL of CBC instance
org_key Org Key
api_id API ID
api_key API Secret Secret Key
custom_api_id Custom API ID
custom_api_key Custom API Secret Key
lr_api_id LiveResponse API ID
lr_api_key LiveResponse API Secret Key
cbd_enabled Enable CBC Endpoint Standard? [true/false]
cbth_enabled Enable CBC Enterprise EDR? [true/false]
cbd_timespan How far back to pull CB Defense events? [3h, 1d, 1w, 2w,1m, all]
reputation_filter Filter CB ThreatHunter processes by reputation. Default is NOT_LISTED

Zscaler Configuration

The API key can be found in Administration > API Key Management

Zscaler Configure Zscaler ZIA Access
url URL for Zscaler ZIA
api_key API Key
username Login Username
password Login Password
bad_types Bad Types in Sandbox Reports. [MALICOUS,SUSPICIOUS, BENIGN]

Python 3.x ships by default with sqlite. If for some reason you don't have sqlite, you will need to install it (pip install sqlite3

sqlite3 Configure sqlite3
filename Filename of the sqlite3 database

When a file is detected to match the types defined in the Zscaler > bad_types configuration, actions are triggered. By default all actions are disabled.


When this field is populated, a Threat Feed is either created or updated with a Report of the detected file. The Report contains a short description, some tags and the severity from the Zscaler Sandbox report. Indicators are not duplicated if they already exist.


When this field is populated, a POST request is made to the http endpoint provided in the value of the configuration. The body of the POST request is an array of the Carbon Black event/process and the Zscaler report ([cb_event, zs_report]). Duplication may occur on this action.


When this field is populated, a script is executed at the path and with the parameters provided in the value of the configuration. There are 3 find/replace that occur ({device_id}, {command}, {argument}).

An example is provided in the config.conf. This will execute the provided example which will kill the triggered process.


When this field is populated with true the device will be isolated.


When this field is populated, the device will be moved to the policy named with the configuration value. This is not the policy ID.

actions Configure Actions
watchlist Name of watchlist to populate
webhook URL to POST a JSON object of the event and sandbox report
script A script to execute
isolate Isolate the endpoint?
policy Policy to move offending devices

Running the Script

The script has the following CLI options:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --last_pull LAST_PULL
                        Set the last pull time in ISO8601 format
  --cbd                 Pull CBD events
  --cbth                Pull CBTH processes

The --last_pull option overwrites the last_pull value stored in the database and will pull Cloud EDR processes since that time.

The --cbd and --cbth options will pull NGAV events and Cloud EDR processes respectively, even if they are disabled in the configuration file.


Typical usage:


Specify Cloud EDR start date:

python --last_pull 2020-01-01T12:34:56.000Z


05/06/2020 - Initial release
12/06/2021 - Updated to support API changes. Now uses Platform APIs instead of product specific APIs. 05/10/2024 - Marked Deprecated


A connector that integrates VMware's Carbon Black Cloud with Zscaler's ZIA Sandbox



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