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title: CarbonCalculated Guides
description: These guides are designed to help you get up and running and feeling productive with CarbonCalculated.
Documentation Team:
- name: Richard Hooker
nick: hookercookerman
description: Richard Hooker is a core developer for CarbonCalculated
- name: Darragh Browne
nick: daz
description: Darragh Browne is carbon!
- title: Getting Started
url: getting_started
text: Jump start your CarbonCalculated development by playing along as we build a fully functional Car application.
construction: true
- title: Core Concepts
url: core_concepts
text: In this guide, we will touch on many of the core concepts of CarbonCaclulated like Generic Objects, Relatable Categories And Answers
construction: true
- title: Overview
url: api_overview
text: This guide give an overview of the CarbonCalcualted API
- title: Authentication
url: authentication
text: This guide covers what is needed for an authentication
construction: true
- title: Getting Emissions Results
url: getting_emission_results
text: This guide covers the best way and development work flow to get carbon results quick and easy
construction: true
- title: Journey Application
url: journey_application
text: A simple Journey Application that can calculated your emissions
- title: Successive Drop Downs (Easy user entry)
url: successive_drop_downs
text: Learn how to create successive drop downs allowing you to give the user the options they need