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Rails 3 generator to install cassandra.
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Mama Cass

Mama Cass is a Rails 3 generator to install cassandra. It also includes Rake tasks for starting cassandra and logging into the cassandra console.


Add mama cass to your Gemfile:

gem 'mama_cass'

Use bundler to install it:

bundle install

Run the generator to install cassandra (currently version 0.7.0) in your app:

rails g mama_cass:install

This installs the following directories and files:

  • cassandra/server/ # cassandra server
  • config/cassandra.yml # keyspace configuration
  • config/cassandra/ # start up options
  • config/cassandra/cassandra.yaml # keyspace definitions
  • config/cassandra/ # log4j configuration
  • config/initializers/cassandra.rb # cassandra connection object setup

Rake tasks

rake cass:start

Start cassandra. Cassandra is run in the foreground and should be stopped via Ctrl+C.

rake cass:console

Start the cassandra console. This will try to connect to the cassandra started via rake cass:start.


Released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for further details.

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