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CarbonFX ValaProject - Plugin for the Netbeans IDE for Vala

This is a try to create plugin for Netbeans IDE to support comfortable Vala programming Vala is a new and modern programming language based on GObject type system.


At this moment, we have implemented:

* Syntax coloring;
* Tabs and code indents;
* Syntax error highlight.

Also there is a project template based on CMake. Using this template you can build and run Vala based project from the Netbeans IDE.

Project template is based on CMake for Vala


The next tasks are: * Sample projects for application and library within a plugin; * Code completion and hints; * Improve project support (class view, hide generated files and folders); * Debugging from the IDE.

The plugin parser is based uppon ANTLR rules, see in antlr/Vala.g file. If you want to support or contribute into the project please feel free to contact us.

Download and Install

Download plugin for Netbeans from download section. To use a template project, copy it from the sources (git clone the project, and then copy template folder)

Acknowledgment and License

The project is developed by Carbon Foundation X team with the support from Innova Systems RU. Source code and binaries are distributed under BSD 3-clause license ("New BSD License" or "Modified BSD License").