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A script for installing jars to an in-project Maven repository
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Install to Project Repo

A Python script for easily installing libraries to an in-project Maven repository. It creates a repository in the root folder of the project complete with poms, checksums and metadata. It also outputs the appropriate dependencies xml to be inserted in your pom file.

What it does

  • When run in standard mode it looks for all jars in the lib folder:

  • When run with -d modifier it removes all successfully installed jars from the lib folder.

  • After successful installation of all jars it prints out all according dependencies for your pom and saves them to a file in ./repo/


Just run it from the folder containing your lib folder.

After the script is complete copy-paste the generated dependencies xml to your pom under dependencies tag and add the following under the repositories tag:


For more details please read this StackOverflow answer.

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